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These courses are provided in a 24 hour training for Part 48 B and fully meets all Federal requirements for anyone working at a surface and surface of an underground mine. 


a) Identify hazards typically found at mines.

b) Utilize appropriate controls to minimize exposure to hazards.

Some of the Content depending on the kind of training you require: 

  • Identify hazards typically found at mines
  • Utilize appropriate controls to minimize exposure to hazards 
  • Mine Act and Miners Rights and Responsibilities
  • Self-Rescue, Dust and Respiratory protection and devices, 
  • Mine Gases
  • Introduction to work environment
  • Authority and responsibilities of Supervisors
  • Escape and emergency evacuation plan, fire warning and firefighting
  • Transportation controls and Communications systems
  • Ground Control, working next to high walls, spoil banks, water hazards
  • Roof Bolting. Roof and Ribs falls
  • Mine Gases
  • Confined Spaces
  • Explosives, Blasting procedures
  • Health Hazard Recognition 
  • Prevention of Accidents and Review
  • Conveyors and Equipment Guarding
  • First Aid, Medical emergencies and procedures
  • Health and Safety aspects of the tasks to which the new miner will be assigned
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Hazard Communication 

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  • New Miner Surface: 24 hours
  • Experienced Miner: 8 hours


This comprehensive annual refresher course is an 8 hours training, and is presented as an interactive training course. You will participate and interact in live discussion, with the MSHA approved instructor. 
This course will assist you in meeting the MSHA requirements for Part 48 B surface and surface on underground metal and non-metal mine operations. If you are a miner or an independent contractor working at a mine, this course offers specialized training for the MSHA recommended topics. It will help you accomplish your ultimate goal beyond compliance: “to keep you safe in mine work areas”. 

Topics include:

  • Mandatory Standards for Health and Safety Programs.
  • Supervisor Authority and Responsibilities.
  • Transportation Controls and Communication Systems.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan and Escape.
  • Fire Control.
  • Roof and Ground Control.
  • First Aid.
  • Electrical Safety.
  • Respiratory Protection SCSR
  • Preventing Accidents.
  • Explosives
  • Health

CHECK Training Schedules
 Do you have questions? Call us at (760) 880-0052 or send us a message.

Part 46 pertains to Sand, Gravel, Stone, Crushed Stone, Limestone, Clay,Shell Dredging, and Colloidal Phosphate Mining surface operations. This training is available on demand only

Part 48 pertains to All Other Surface and Underground Mining Operations. 
If not listed above, it is under Part 48.


You will get this certificate if the instructor is able to see you in front of the webcam and interact with you 100% of the time. You must follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct.