Maximize learning with On-Site Training

More and more companies realize the value of bringing training on-site. On-site Training is an in-classroom, flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need, from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

Sometimes there are no travel expenses, and it delivers MSHA training programs when and where you want them—at your office or at a location of your choice. You will increase productivity and keep projects moving with more people where ever you need them.

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On-site Training results in:

  1. Personal in-classroom training customized for your type of business
  2. Reasonable and effective training costs
  3. A live learning experience

Your employees and your business benefit because:

  1. We plan the Courses around an MSHA-approved training plan and deliver it in the best format.
  2. Trainees learn with a real MSHA-approved Instructor, with mission-specific objectives to ensure the message delivery success.
  3. You manage your productivity with an effective training schedule.
  4. You can train groups of 15 to 30 employees at one time to reduce expenses significantly.

Miner Safety Training considers the classroom experience to be the foundation of an Integrated Learning Approach and we will continue to make it more enriching, dynamic, and valuable for contractors and individuals going to work at a mine.

Advantages and Benefits of On-Site Training

1. Location: The biggest advantage of on-site training is the location. With the training done on the company’s premises or in a conference room at the hotel of your choice, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another location to the trainer.

2. Privacy: Safety material is shared with trainees who can utilize it as solid illustrations amid intuitive and confidential training sessions and in complete confidence.

3. Part 48 A and B MSHA Approved Program Content: We have the ability to tailor each aspect of the training as well as customize the lessons according to the trainee’s work conditions whether it will be Surface or Underground Operations

4. Employees are able to develop existing safety skills and a Zero Injury Culture in a dynamic way. Given that, most training programs from universities and training institutes are quite time-consuming and expensive for individual-based training.

5. Trainees have access to training that works around their schedule: With on-site training, training schedules suit the organization’s needs, and the safety and operation management professionals can plan training to suit their own employees

6. Keeps trainees up to date on current safety protocols: While many employees go through safety induction training when they first join an organization, MSHA Safety onsite safety training offers them the capacity to further asses their safety aptitudes and extend their expert safety learning. Plus, enables them to work at any mine in the USA. MSHA New Miner and Annual Refresher safety are available on demand.

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On-Site training is available nationwide in the United States. An MSHA-approved instructor “blue card” holder for Surface and Underground Operations will deliver the training.

We will need information about your company, your training location, and the number of trainees to give you a quote.

The cost for New Miner Underground On-Site Training will be given per trainee with a minimum of 15 participants (the quoted price will cover all the logistics to the training site). This training will be provided in 32 hours in three days  

The cost for New Miner Surface and Surface on Underground On-Site Training will be given per trainee with a minimum of 15 participants (the quoted price will cover all the logistics to the training site). This training will be provided 24 hours in three days  

You will need to send your company information and we will send you the schedule and registration information. All participants need to register before the training.