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Maximize learning and minimize downtime with On-Site Training

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More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need, from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

There are no travel expenses, and it delivers programs when and where you want them—at your offices or at a location of your choice. You will increase productivity and keep projects moving with more people where you need them.

On-site Training results in:

  1. Real-world training and solutions customized for your business
  2. Lower training costs
  3. A consistent learning experience

Your employees and your business benefit because:

  1. We plan the Courses around an MSHA approved training plan and delivered in the best format.
  2. Trainees learn with real world, mission-specific examples to ensure the message delivery success.
  3. You maintain productivity with flexible training scheduling.
  4. You can train groups of employees to reduce expenses significantly.
  5. We can tailor the course material to fulfill contractor’s needs and expectations.

When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, MST is the leader. Whether you are a trainee looking to update your career or start a new one, or a team leader looking to make a new bid in a mine property, we guarantee you will complete a course at the right time, in the right location.

MST considers the classroom experience to be the foundation of an Integrated Learning Approach and we will continue to make it more enriching, dynamic, and valuable for contractors and individuals.

Advantages and Benefits of On-Site Training

Call to setup your Schedule now: (760) 880-0052

On-site training is becoming more and more of a necessity for organizations around the world; specialized training in accordance with the organization’s needs helps teams become safer at work and more productive.

On-site training has also grown from just training employees in a specific location to training employees globally via online training, which reduces cost and allows multiple branches of the organization to learn together.

1. Location: The biggest advantage of on-site training is the location. With the training done on the company’s premises or in a conference room, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another location to the trainer. On-site training also allows the organization to be free to make last minute changes and make additional changes to who might, or might not be helpful to include into the training.

2. Privacy: Safety material is share with trainees who can utilize it as solid illustrations amid intuitive and confidential workshop sessions in complete confidence.

3. MSHA Approved Program Content: MSHA have the ability to tailor each aspect of the training process as well as customize the lessons according to the trainees work conditions.

4. Boosts employee productivity and profits: Employees are able to build new safety skills, develop existing safety skill sets and a Zero Injury Culture, and gather new knowledge about products and services that will boost their on-the-job productivity. Given that, most training programs from universities and training institutes are quite time consuming and expensive on individual based training. With on-site training employees, do not have to time out of the office and instead clock back to work as soon as the training is complete and since the bases are on group lessons, the cost for such training reduces significantly.

5. Trainees have access to training that works around their schedule: With on-site training, training schedules suit the organization’s needs and the safety and operation management professionals can plan training to suit their own employees rather than the usual classroom style of universities, which have a specified schedule that often clash with work hours.

6. Keeps trainees up to date on current company safety protocols: While many employees go through a safety induction training when they first join an organization, continuing onsite safety training offers them the capacity to further asses their safety aptitudes and extend their expert learning. Since company processes are constantly evolving, it is critical that representatives have offers to access MSHA New Miner and Annual Refresher safety training and stay up-to-date. On-site training gives the trainees the opportunity to grow their abilities or find out about new safety subjects inside of their specialty to stay safe, competent, and innovative with industry trends or new insights that may give them an advantage at work.



The On-Site training is available nationwide. An MSHA approved instructor “blue card” holder for Surface and Underground Operations will deliver the training.

We will need information about your company, your website, your location, and the number of trainees.

The cost for New Miner Underground On-Site Training is per trainee with a minimum of 8 participants in the Pacific and Mountain Time area (this price covers all the logistics to the training site). Price will increase 20% in the Central and Eastern Time area

The cost for New Miner Surface and Surface on Underground On-Site Training is per trainee with a minimum of 8 participants in the Pacific and Mountain Time area (this price covers all the logistics to the training site). Price will increase 20% in the Central and Eastern Time area

New Miner Underground Training is 32 hours in three days  

New Miner Surface on Underground Training is 24 hours in three days  

You will need to send your company information to send you the schedule and registration information. All participants need to register before the training.

Call to setup your Schedule now: (760) 880-0052