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Training is an essential part of MSHA’s mission to keep miners safe and healthy. Our goal is to help the mining industry develop high-quality training programs and to strengthen and modernize training through collaboration with industry stakeholders. Federal law requires that all miners receive basic and annual refresher training and that all mine operators maintain an effective training plan.


Individuals willing to become miners and work at a mine site must train in MSHA Part 48 A or B

Those interested in working in the mining industry. All contractors going to work at a US mine

Miners with mining experience in other countries and in need of MSHA safety certification to work in mines in the US.

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On-Site Training


PART 48 B New Miner for Surface Only and Surface on Underground in Metal and Non-Metal Mines

A 24-hour New Miner Training is required. A surface mine means an area containing an open pit excavation, surface operations incident to an underground mine, or associated activities adjacent to the excavation or surface operations, from which coal or other minerals are produced for sale, exchange, or commercial use; and includes all buildings and equipment above the surface of the ground used in connection with such mining. It will cover courses that are more specific to hazards and risks in the mining environment. Everyone in the mine has to know and be familiar with, all the safety rules.

What training is required for a newly employed miner who has not gained “experienced miner” status?

If a newly employed miner has completed new miner training within 36 months of starting work at a different mine, the miner must receive “experienced miner” training. However, If the miner has not completed the training within 36 months, the miner must repeat the training at a different mine. Then, after becoming an “experienced miner” or completing the “new miner” training, the miner is then subject to all other training required for “experienced miners” at the mine.


PART 48 B Annual Refresher for Surface Operation Miners

This course is intended for individuals who have completed and have received MSHA Part 48 B New Miner Training certification and/or have received MSHA Part 48 B Annual Refresher Training and require renewing their certification.

MSHA requires an annual refresher training of 8 hours for active miners.  This training covers emergency procedures mines have in place for handling emergencies. these might include earthquakes, landslides, rocks falling, hazardous spills, and hazardous materials. Knowing what to do, could be the difference between life and death. This course is intended for individuals who have completed and have received MSHA Part 48 B New Miner Training certification and/or have received MSHA Part 48 B Annual Refresher Training and require renewing their certification.

To maintain MSHA compliance you must complete MSHA annual refresher training every year. Completing annual refresher training allows you to work on a mine site for the year. What happens if you skip a year? Click here to learn how and when MSHA training expires.


PART 48 B Experienced Miner for Surface Operation Miners

Definition of an “Experienced Miner”

How does the new training rule change the definition of an “experienced miner”?

The old rule required a miner to receive new miner training within 12 months or to accumulate 12 months of mining experience within the previous 36 months to be considered an “experienced miner.” The new rule requires that a miner both receive new miner training and have 12 months of mining experience to qualify as an “experienced miner.”

Can the miner then lose that status as an “experienced miner” by being away from mining for a while?

No. Once a miner has received new miner training and has accumulated 12 months of mining experience, MSHA considers that miner to be experienced for life for training purposes. If the miner is away from mining for more than 36 months after receiving new miner training, and before accumulating 12 months of mining experience, the new rule requires that the miner to repeat new miner training. After taking new miner training the miner will then have another 36 months in which to finish accumulating the 12 months of mining experience needed to be an “experienced miner” for training purposes.


PART 48 A New Miner Underground in Metal and Non-Metal Mines

A 32-hour New Miner Safety Training is required. Underground mining means mining carried out beneath the surface utilizing shafts, tunnels, or other underground openings. Underground mining means all human-made excavations below the surface of the ground through shafts or tunnels to explore for, develop, or produce valuable minerals. It will cover courses that are more specific to hazards and risks in this mining environment like Mine Gases and Rock Bolting.





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This is a mandatory collection of information as required by 30 CFR Part 48a and Part 48b.

The Certificate of Training Form 5000-23 provides a means for mine operators, to record and certify Part 48 mandatory training received by miners.

The training certificates for each miner shall be available at the operator mine site for inspection, by MSHA, and for examination by the miners, the miner’s representative, and State inspection agencies.

After training, the instructor MUST give the miner a signed copy of the training certificate. The miner shall be entitled to a copy of his training certificate if he is laid-off or quits employment.


MSHA Approved Instructor Surface and Underground


Federal Law states the miner must get Safety Training in the language he understands most.

Therefore, we offer MSHA 5000-23 Safety Training in Spanish.

All videos and presentations produced by MSHA, and other providers will be presented in this language.